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Choosing the right team is a vital component in completing your design and building project. Fortunately at OCD Building & Construction, every member of ours is qualified to perform their duties to perfection. From planners to project managers, engineers to electricians, designers to developers, our staff roster is packed with professionals who are driven, solution-focused and as passionate about your dreams as you are!

At OCD we believe that an organisation that operates at maximum efficiency is one made of individuals who engage with each other – regardless of their discipline. We understand that the best buildings are the ones produced in collaboration between diverse profiles and different personalities and we do our best to integrate all participants in the development process.

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While OCD are proud to have access to a pool of talented professionals who are amazingly skilled in their areas of expertise, we never forget the foundation of our business in the customer. And so, while our team are always available to impart their wealth of industry experience and provide our clients with a variety of current industry trends relating to material choices and construction systems, we will also always work with you to develop a concise design brief that meets both your design and budget requirements. We know that
empowering our customers will help establish spaces that satisfy building requirements, budgetary aims and bring your vision to life.

Creativity may be king at OCD, but communication, collaboration and consistency are the queens that sit alongside it. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively consult with our clients throughout the whole design and construction process to ensure their peace of mind throughout the project.

OCD Building & Construction know that almost anyone can erect a residence or retail precinct. Instead, we prefer to focus on building less tangible but equally important things; like trust, loyalty, reputation and the kind of long-term relationships with our customers that keeps them coming back for more.

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